Torekov, Sweden

Photography: Åke E:son Lindman

Our brief was to create a spacious weekend living to accomodate a family of three generations on a small site of 500sqm.

The house builds on a long tradition of 1,5 storey pitched roof houses in the area but is reduced and condensated in form and adapted to the site.

Design and materials are carefully assembled to give a timeless background and resemblance to the traditional, local building tecniques with brick and stone courtyard houses, while still being contemporary.

The material palette is kept simple; lime stucco for walls and ceiling, oak floors throughout most of the building, teak woods, dark prepatinated zink roof, copper and bronze details.

The colours of sand and wood are kept similar throughout the building to give an unobstrusive and modest appearance.

The building has a traditionally simple orthogonal plan layout with a main building and two wings, but in this case one being detached to make room for a guest annex with its own kitchenette and bathroom.

The social spaces are situated on the ground floor. Living and dining spaces are intentionally kept apart but remain visually connected through the windows across the garden. The garden courtyard acts as a central living space during summer, linking all the social areas together.